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Expert commentary on Chin Sculpting


Love her or hate her, there’s no denying that Kim K has amazing skin – so what’s her secret and what is the “Vampire Facial”?

Summer skin

Summer Skin:Knowing how best to protect yourself from this fact of Aussie life isn’t quite as simple as slapping on some sunscreen when you’re at the beach if you really want to stop (and possibly reverse) premature ageing this summer.

KELLY GEORGE on laser resurfacing and skin peels

Learn the basics of fractional laser resurfacing and skin peels and how in combination they can reverse the effects of sun damage.

Double Chin

Learn how we can remove the pocket of fat under your chin PERMANENTLY

KELLY GEORGE on perfect bridal make-over

What are your wedding skin goals?

Spa + Clinic

Interview to promote summit

Growing Your Beauty Business

Growing your Beauty Business!

Build Loyalty

Value your Clients above all else! Build Loyalty.