Gym and Skin Memberships

Gym and Skin Memberships

Finally, a gym membership you actually want! Introducing KGA’s very first Gym + Skin Membership options.

We have carefully designed 3 levels of membership that take advantage of the technology we have at KGA for both your face and body!

Two of the membership’s cover a 6 month period and include everything you need to FEEL good, while LOOKING good!

BOTH of these Membership levels SAVE YOU more than $1000!!!

Gym and Skin Memberships


Rose Gold Membership

Normally valued at $4700
6x Fat Reduction TruSculpt Paddles
6x Muscle Strengthening Tru Flex sessions
2x Pico Genesis
2x Xeo Genesis

Gold Membership

Normally valued at $3610
6 x Fat Reduction TruSculpt Paddles
4 x Muscle Strengthening TruFlex Sessions
1x Pico Genesis
1x Xeo Genesis

For those who haven’t had any body contouring yet, you can use the FLEX sessions straight up as your initial treatment. And if you’ve been lucky enough to have already been in for some body contouring, the 6 sessions can be used monthly as your top up treatment. 

Silver Membership

Normally valued at $2400
6 x Muscle Strengthening TruFlex sessions
3x Xeo Genesis

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