There’s a super funny meme going around that says, “when I was little, I never knew how important brows would be”. It’s funny because it’s true! In 2019, (right or wrong) the perfect aesthetic almost requires us to have beautifully manicured, perfectly arched brows (regardless of how gorgeous the rest of our features are!). But what if you don’t have naturally arched brows? There’s only so much shaping and pencilling can do… enter the KGA non-surgical brow lift!

Keeping it simple, the position of the eyebrow is determined by 3 things: bone structure, skin quality and muscle strength.

When muscle strength is the determining factor, the safest and least invasive way to enhance the brow position is to use small doses of an anti-wrinkle substance. A few tiny injections will weaken the eye muscle (which tends to pull the brow downwards as we age), allowing the forehead muscle to lift the position of the brow. Depending on where the injections are placed (and individual anatomy), we can either create a dramatic arch (Kylie Jenner style) or a subtler elevation, opening the eye area (better for the older patient who is starting to get some “drooping” from skin laxity).

$150 which includes shape, tint and non-surgical lift.

A medical consultation is required to assess individual anatomy, muscle strength, and skin condition. While most people will benefit from this treatment, not everyone is suitable. Suitability will be discussed at your consultation.


The lift will last 2-3 months.

For more information, please contact the clinic to arrange a medical consultation.


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