The long-awaited fat-dissolving injectable is here and that means it’s time to PERMANENTLY remove the unwanted fat residing under your chin.  This is a non-surgical, no down-time, clinically-proven treatment. With a few quick injections into the area of fullness, fat cells are permanently destroyed, revealing a more defined jawline.

I’ve been dying to get this product into my clinic since late last year when I was lucky enough to be invited to treat patients in New York.  Fullness in this area, known as submental fullness, can be the result of weight gain, genetics or ageing. A patient can be fit and still have a pocket of fat under their chin. With age, fat simply begins to accumulate in this area over time (damn gravity!).

According to a study by the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery, 67% of people are concerned with the appearance of excess fat under their chin.   This is the same proportion of people concerned about wrinkles around their eyes – but we have been able to treat that for 20 years now! Thankfully, we now have an answer for this large group of people bothered by submental fullness.

The results I’m seeing are phenomenal, and as mentioned, this is a permanent solution to the dreaded double chin, but what’s the catch?  Well there’s no “catch” but there are a few side effects you’ll have to get through first.

  1. It is painful, only for about 5 minutes, but that 5 minutes will be intense. We will do everything in our power to minimise pain of course, but what do they say? No Pain, No Gain!
  2. Technically, there is no “down-time”, but you will likely look like a bullfrog for a few days.  So, while you may be physically able to go about your day-to-day life, you may not want to. I would suggest treatment only when you have a few days to hide at home.
  3. It won’t happen over-night, but it WILL happen.  It can take up to 2 months to see full results and you will need a minimum of 2 treatments. However, don’t let this deter you! A 2-month wait is worth it for results that last forever!

If you are bothered by your submental fullness, feel it makes you look heavier or older and don’t want to take the surgery path, this product might be perfect for you.  Call us on 6761 2612 for a complimentary consultation to determine your suitability.

Note: At Kelly George Aesthetics we exclusively use the only clinically evaluated product approved for use in Australia, however due to Medicines Australia regulations we are unable to use the brand name within advertising.  Please call the clinic if you wish to confirm the brand of product used.


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