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The KGA Brow-Lift

THE KGA BROW-LIFT There’s a super funny meme going around that says, “when I was little, I never knew how [...]

Beauty sleep: It’s a real thing!

You probably know all too well that after a big night, with very little sleep, you wake looking less “Sleeping [...]

Why Millennials will age better than the other generations!

Millennials, they have their phones in their hands and the world at their feet! They are also in the awesome [...]

How to arrive in another country with perfect dewy skin!

HOW TO ARRIVE IN ANOTHER COUNTRY WITH PERFECT DEWY SKIN! Unless you own a Private Jet (#goals!), I’m sure you [...]

5 reasons why you should have Laser Hair Removal in winter!

5 reasons why you should have Laser Hair Removal in winter! Winter is almost upon us.  It’s cold, and the [...]

No More Double Chins!

The long-awaited fat-dissolving injectable is here and that means it’s time to PERMANENTLY remove the unwanted fat residing under your [...]

Restore volume without the needles!

"Hi Kelly, I know it's after hours but I was wondering if you could meet me at the clinic so [...]

How safe is your face?

So you've been thinking about anti-wrinkle injections or dermal fillers for a while. Your friends have had it, and you've [...]

There’s no such thing as a miracle elixir

Currently, the anti-ageing market is estimated to be worth around US$150 billion. With this sort of money up for grabs [...]